Snakes & Reptiles

Snakes for Sale:

Spending 25years in the African bush has put me in very close proimity to the most venemous and deadly snakes the world has to offer. I have come to love and enjoy these magnificent creatures and some with amzaing color and beauty.So too have many of my hunting clients have wanted to add some of these fearsome reptiles to their trophy room. Most on other safaris either shoot or damage the snakes to the point of not being able to mount at all.

In so doing, I have direct shipments back to my studio snakes that have been used for study and venom serum that have died naturally are now shipped to me frozen in a perfect whole state with no skin damage whatsoever.

This opportunity gives the reptile lover to have a past experience to be added to the memories of his trophy room.

I deal in African, Asian and Austrailian VENEMOUS SNAKES ONLY. We are always subject to availablitly and rarity of the reptile as we never seem to have enough supply for the demand. We have supplied snakes for THe Mummy and  Hollywood’s special effects departments. Our biggest, a 14ft. King Cobra,mounted for a museum and Michael Jackson purchased the completed skeletal frame display.

Always check back with us from time to time as we never know what species, how big or how many will arrive. Gaboon Vipers were our biggest demand and most beautiful to display.


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