Rare & Exotic Mounts

This section is for the true wildlife conignsuer, the person who thought he seen or has everything! NOT SO…In my over 40years of dealing in wildlife skins, hides horns, skulls, tusks and whatever animal part I can find or muster up…some of these rarities are SO So VERY RARE.

I have all the volumes of TROPHY ROOMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, featuring the very largest wildlife collection from the most wealthiest hunters alive. Their trophy rooms are displayed with over 300 different species to some collections and some of the animals I have acquired are not included in their library. From Zebra Duiker to an ASTOR MARKHOR from Pakistan taken during the Rowland Ward 1899 Expedition. This section is what fills this category. Also displayed are the very unusual and hard to find or acquire creatures that even most hunters are not aware of.

Drop In, Be amazed and educated by perhaps the oddest, hardest and most often never heard of critters God ever created!

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