Custom Taxidermy

What Makes Us Different

We  pride ourselves on being unique.   Most U.S. Hunters mount one or more species of deer, and common mounts are all too common. Taxidermists typically purchase manikins from similar sources but we modify these to accommodate your home or showroom. We want specific detail of the area you will be displaying your prcustomy-tqaxized trophy and based on that we select a pose or situation to best display the animal. No forms are left the way we receive them and our creations are as natural in appearance as when they were alive.

All North American and Exotic Species are sculpted from live photos and death masks, making our finished mounts appear to have motion. We also receive rave reviews from our customers for our  natural habitat scenes on shoulder mounted trophies.  By adding small areas of vegetation,rocks,soil and wood background, your mounts take on a whole new life.

Give us a try once and change the way your trophy room looks!

We have remounted more old trophies after one of our mounts have arrived and been placed next to what clients thought were once beautiful!
All our mounts come with a lifetime guarantee and we stand behind every work of wildlife art we create with fast dependable turn around time!
Most mounts completed in a 3 month time frame!

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