Custom Taxidermy – Africa

Spending 25 years guiding in the African bush enables one to really study and understand all the African species african-taxin a very up close and personal way. I have been so blessed to be able to make that claim as I have been a professional hunter/taxidermist for the past 25years.

So when it comes to recreating a specific species from the Dark Continent,  I can see and imagine that animal in my mind’s eye. There is nothing like real world experience. This is the area in which our African taxidermy excels. Our client trophy rooms displayed throughout this great country are our biggest testimony.  We have many testimonials and many  of our clients are repeat travelers.

All mounts, whether Shoulder, 1/2mounts, pedestal or life size, are created to exacting standards and specifications to fit your trophy room.  As with people, no two mounts are identical.  The habitat scenes are unique wildlife art.  We also custom design your trophy room and can deliver your safari collection.  We can also hang and display them in your game room or Den.  Your satisfaction is our most valued REWARD!

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