Ultimate Hunt Safaris

The Taste of Africa – with Bill Wille

These ultimate deluxe safaris encompass the very best of what I have experienced in the past 25 years and not only takes you to the wildest “WILDS” of the Dark Continent, but offer their very best trophies along the way, while savoring all the sight, sounds and joy of what God’s epic world has to offer! The adventures start as little as 14 days and I have had clients as long as 45 day jaunts.

I offer 23 different Concessions in South Africa alone. Over 9.3 Million Hectares of Land In Namibia, from Seis Fontein to the Skeleton Coast, Etosha Pan and the Caprivi Strip.

I also have access to Concessions in Zimbabwe for Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Lion, along with a host of plains game, and the two big aquatics, Hippo and Crocodile.

In Mozambique, we have camps for hunting Buffalo, which are mainly hunted off ARGO all terrain vehicles in the swamp and high grass mudplains and bush. Sable are so abundant, I actually named them ” Mozambique Blesbok”. We also hunt Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobe Bushbuck, Common Reedbuck, and several of the normal African Fauna which abounds openly in unfenced, unchartered veld. And if you are a long time seasoned hunter still in need of unique “Little Giants”. Mozambique offers the Common Duiker, Red Duiker, Blue, Duiker and rare Suni.

From time to time, as permits pop up, we do conduct hunts in Botswana, mostly for Elephant and Buffalo, and occasionally a rare lion permit comes our way as well.┬áThat’s a generalization of our “ULTIMATE HUNTS”, but there is so much more.

Private Tours

Along with these hunt areas, you can have a host of touring/sightseeing adventures that are sometimes often overlooked.

South Africa has in itself so much to see and do, before or after your hunt. We conduct tours to Krueger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, Pilansburg National Park, Sun City Resort, Elephant Game Trail Rides, Hot Air Ballooning, and of course not to forget Shopping for Curios and African Art.

Zimbabwe we conduct private and personal tours of Victoria Falls, which from 3-5 day stay you can see both sides of the falls (Zimbabwe side & Zambia side), along with Helicopter Flight over the falls, and Zambezi River paddle-boat ride Sundowners! Awesome Stuff! THIS IS “TASTE AFRICA” time!!On Longer stays, we take you to Livingstone, Zambia for more sight-seeing, casino style atmosphere, resort with pool, bar and evening music dancing available.

Botswana trips to Chobe National Park, where everything Grey you see happens to move… being Elephant. We conduct Day tours into the Park and Boat rides up the Chobe where Hippos and Elephant create the waves to shake your boat! This is real Africa! Come join us and find out for yourself that life is not about what numbers your bank account reads, but what you sped you life doing. Let us help you fulfill your “Bucket List.”

Bill Wille
Professional Hunter


South Africa

  • Daily Hunting Rate: $850/Day per Hunter1x1
  • Observer $350/Day
  • Dangerous Game Daily Rate: $1200/Day per Hunter
  • Daily Fee Tour Days: $650/person
  • Game Species Available: See list on Deluxe Safaris for Species and Provinces Hunted


  • Daily Rate $950/Day per Hunter
  • Observer$350/Day
  • Dangerous Game Daily Rate: $1400/Day per Hunter


  • Daily Rate $1200/Day per Hunter
  • Observers $350/Day
  • Dangerous Game Daily Rate: $1600/Day per Hunter
  • Daily Fee Tour Days:$850/person


  • Price On Request, Depending on Concession and Permits Available
  • Touring Pricing: $850/Day Per person plus International & any Internal Flights additional. Price of tours added to daily fee as per trip reserved.

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