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Bill’s life has been dedicated to his love of wildlife and hunting, it is his passion. Having been in the taxidermy business for over 30 years has given Bill the knowledge, experience and skill required to attain one of the most prestigious achievements in taxidermy– winning back to back awards at the world taxidermy competitions.

Taxidermy is an art that many never fully understand. We strive to cater to those who do understand and can truly appreciate the painstaking attention to detail this art requires as well as the depth of understanding of the wildlife that a person must have to reproduce a “life like” replica of what is a hunters prized trophy.

His studio proudly displays a wide variety of mounts from around the world. His many satisfied clients displaying their memorable moments of hunting are the final testimonial to his accomplishment and represent to Bill the most important endorsement of his work.

Mistakes with a hunters trophies can happen long before his hunt starts just by being unprepared and that is why we want to aide them with a few simple steps that can assist with getting their hides/capes and horns home safely if leaving the U.S.


Contact us for WATERPROOF/TEAR PROOF TAGS that are preprinted with our USFWS LICENSE info directly on them. These tags will be attached to each skin/hide/horn/skull that you will have sent home after your hunt is over. Antler Taxidermy will be kept updated the entire time your trophies are enroute and aide you in clearing them through a broker and customs to ensure hat there are no hang ups along the way. Once they are stateside we will notify you immediately and handle your trophies as you wish. Just taking care to do this few pre-hunt steps along with our tags can avoid mistakes and delays in the shipment of your trophies back to the states.


Bill Wille has personally escorted hunters throughout Southern Africa for over 20 years in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. Professionals Of Africa will handle everything for a client from assistance with booking their flights to meeting them at the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa and checking them through customs with their firearms.

One on one guided African big game hunting safaris are custom designed for each individual hunter depending upon what they desire. We will oversee the handling of all of the trophies for proper shipping back to the states where the client wishes them to be sent. Bill will personally make sure that proper skinning and care of all animals is done with the utmost care to ensure perfect specimens for mounting of each hunters game. Being a taxidermist for over 30 years he understands the importance of this aspect of a hunters priority list!

On our web site you will find the information on award winning taxidermy services and hunting safari’s in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & Botswana. Also featuring hunting trips to Russia, New Zealand, Spain & Canada.

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